Writer Stephen J. Cannell (1941-2010) Offers Advice to Parents about Dyslexia

I am one of those people who grew up watching the shows created by the great producer and writer Stephen J. Cannell.

I can still see him sitting at a typewriter, pulling out the paper and tossing as it morphed into his famous logo. So when, years later I found out he had dyslexia I wasn’t really surprised. It seems that so many creative people that I admire were or are dyslexic.

But I become even more impressed when men like Stephen J. Cannell

take the platform they have made for themselvesĀ and use it to help other people.

Here is one of many fantastic videos about dyslexia by none other than the man who brought us shows like “The A-Team”. No wonder he created such heroes. He was a hero in his own right and has encouraged my children through his life experiences that they are hero material as well.

Creator of the “A-Team” and MANY other hit TV shows, Stephen J. Cannell offers advice to parents of dyslexic children from his own, personal experience. His full library of related videos may be found on YouTube as well as http://www.cannell.com/dyslexia.html


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