What Really Got My Dyslexic Son Reading!

“I first realized the power of funny reading as it pertains to reading fluency when my oldest dyslexic son was about eleven. We were at some friends and he spent a good deal of the time reading their copy of Calvin and Hobbs. I was in shock because no one asked him to read, he chose to read. This is the kind of thing that can bring tears to my eyes. If you have a child who struggles with reading I know you understand where I’m coming from.


Comic books, joke books, poetry, all of these are great for struggling or reluctant readers because they are short and hold their interest. The great thing is that every time they read one of the stories they want to read the next one because it won’t take too long.

Joke books have the added benefit of encouraging memorization because children love to tell jokes to their friends. Have you ever had your child come up and say,”Knock, knock.”? By all means answer them with, “Who’s there?” You want them to keep reading those jokes. Following are my kids favorite comic books with links to where you can get them for yourself (These are affiliate links, but they really are connecting you to each person’s top choice)

Zane’s Favorite – As shown above, is Garfield Gets in a Pickle – Who doesn’t love Garfield and his obsession with lasagna? Zane’s favorite moment is when Jon tells Garfield to chase a mouse and Garfield says, ” Jon, Jon, Jon. How can you chase a mouse that isn’t moving?”

Joey’s Favorite – The Essential Calvin and Hobbes – He also loves Baby Blues and Fox Trot, but Calvin and Hobbes tops the list.

So, gather up an arm-load of funny books and watch your child laugh his way to greater reading fluency.


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